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Mobile laboratory

To perform laboratory tests abroad we have a specially equipped mobile laboratory. The mobile laboratory can be used on sea and land. The fully self-supporting 20 ft container can be shipped to every location in the world.

Samples which are taken during drilling can be analysed directly. This can save a lot of time, because the transport of samples is a time consuming matter. Also, in some countries it is not allowed to export samples.

We can perform all geotechnical tests in our mobile laboratory. The laboratory tests are carried out according the Dutch standards and/or international standards (NEN-, EU-, DIN-, ASTM- and BS-standard). We are also ISO 9001 and VCA** certified. The tests are performed by an experienced laboratory technician from our laboratory in the Netherlands. We also use the same quality criteria we apply in our laboratory.

On the leaflets page you can download our leaflet 'mobile laboratory'.


mobile laboratory


inside of mobile laboratory