Our work




Marine sampling Holland has a dedicated team of marine geologists, geotechnical engineers and technical staff, providing acquisition and advice on soil investigation, laboratory testing and determination of geotechnical parameters for a wide range of offshore projects.

With most advanced sampling equipment soil samples of the sea bed are collected, and our licenced geotechnical and geochemical laboratory is determining the required geotechnical parameters.

Marine Sampling Holland has been involved in a large number of projects for sea bed resources by determining the quantity and quality of the sand and gravel deposits. Advising on soil parameters along oil and gas pipelines and cable routes between offshore windmill parks and the shore and interconnecting cables. The dredgebility of the sea bed for deepening or widening of shipping lanes, around ship wrecks, and harbors.

A large number of environmental studies on pollution of the sea bed in sand extraction areas, dumping sites of harbor sludge, certification of sand resources for beach nourishment and infill sand have been carried out in recent years.

Investigations for anchoring of objects at sea bed have been carried out in water depth of thousands of meters. For archeological investigation of the sea bed specific sampling has been carried out.

To our clients belong, amongst others, governments and local authorities, scientific institutes, consultants, mining and dredging companies and surveying companies.

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