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MSH has a broad range of equipment available. Superficial sampling of the sea-floor for a first reconnaissance of sedimentological or chemical composition can be done with van Veen Grabs, boxcorers or Hamon grabs. Deeper information till 5.5 m– seabed maximum can be obtained by deploying electrical or hydraulic vibrocorers. With hydraulic vibrocorers, undisturbed samples of sand, gravel or clay can be taken within only 30 seconds. For sampling of the deep-sea floor, piston and gravity corers are available with which undisturbed soil samples can be taken till depths of approximately 18 m– seabed.

For deeper information, we have systems available for counterflush / airlift drilling. With these systems, disturbed samples can be taken in sand, gravely and clayey bottoms till 12 – 20 m– seabed. These systems can be lowered to the underwater floor after which sampling can take place. Sampling to depths specified above typically takes place within a half to one and a half hours. For lowering equipment to the seabed, we have our own winches available with cable lengths between 1,000 to 5,000 m. A containerised mobile workshed allows the drilling technicians to perform on-board repairs when needed.

On the leaflets page you can find leaflets with more information abour our units and equipment.

Together with our sistercompany Wiertsema & Partners B.V. we have our own laboratory in which a wide range of geotechnical and geohydrological tests are carried out. To perform laboratory tests abroad we also have a specially equipped mobile laboratory.

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