Press release: Start preparation of cable grid at sea


Commissioned by grid operator TenneT the Grontmij Deep-MSH consortium will execute preliminary soil surveys at sea and on land for the construction of a cable network between the designated offshore wind area Borssele and TenneT’s power station on land. The surveys will start this autumn.

Up to 2023, 3500 MW (megawatts) of offshore wind farms will be connected as part of the Energy Agreement to the national grid in the Netherlands. The power output corresponds to the annual power consumption of around 3.5 million households, which is nearly half of the households in the Netherlands. Connection will be made with a new offshore grid.

TenneT, the TSO responsible for the high-voltage grid in the Netherlands, is in the process of preparing this future offshore grid. The condition of the soil and the mapping of possible obstacles are essential to successfully build an offshore grid and to connect it to the existing high-voltage grid on land. TenneT also uses the information to keep the impact on the environment as small as possible. These include the flora and faunaon land and at sea.

The  engineering consultant Grontmij together with Deep Hydrography & Geophysics and Marine Sampling Holland (MSH) are responsible for the study of the soil, geophysical and geotechnical, both at sea and on land. The consortium combines desk research with research on site. The marine survey is conducted with four boats equipped with advanced marine geophysical instruments such as radar and sonar and soil sampling equipment.

Marco Kuijpers, Senior Program Manager Offshore NL TenneT says: "Because we perform a thorough survey in advance, we know what we will encounter during the construction of the grid and we also know what measures to take to make the grid function properly after installation. This requires a high-quality survey. "

Wout Nijhoving, Project Manager of the Grontmij Deep-MSH consortium, is enthusiastic about the contract: "We are proud to put our collective expertise at work for the realization of the future energy infrastructure in the Netherlands. "

The laying of cables is expected to start in 2018.

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 Source: TenneT